Home Abortion – Home Remedies for Abortion

Home Remedies for Abortion.

This is the best of all home remedies for abortion, much safer than the abortion pill. Is an easy and natural way to have an abortion. Women have been doing this for more than 50 years and works 100%. The same way women use to safely, quickly and effectively terminate unwanted pregnancy.

How to have a miscarriage fast – Miscarriage at 6-8 weeks.

This is the best and easy way to get an abortion at home fast and safe. Home Remedy for early Abortion.

18 years and older.

If you are looking for “Home Abortion Remedies”….

I Have Great News For You.  
You will never sit in a doctor’s waiting room or answer personal questions to get over priced abortion pills.
Is very easy to make; a normal woman can make it in 1 minute or less, as long as she has the ingredients in front of her.
The ingredients are readily than available worlwide for less $5.

Here’s how the “Home Abortion Remedy” Works.

When you take it within the first trimester. It will cause the fertilized egg to unattach from the lining of the (your) uterus and at the same time it causes uterine contractions and terminates the pregnancy without causing any problems to your health.

Note: Just a reminder, the sooner you take the Home Remedy the more effective it will be, also you will recover much faster, just as with the abortion pills.

What should I Do After I Take the Home  Abortion Remedy?

After you take it, you should listen to your body. Any sudden change you feel in your stomach is a sign that the Remedy is beginning to work effortlessly unattaching the fertilized egg from the lining of your uterus.
When you start getting stomach cramps it is the uterine that is contracting. These are signs that the safe, effective Home Remedy is serving its purpose. 
You should try and get as much rest as possible; avoid doing any physical work until you feel better. It is very important to always listen to your body. Again, take some time off and rest yourself…

Natural and easiest way to have a miscarriage.

This Remedy comes from a Caribbean Island, from an elderly Mid-wife who renders her service to young women who cannot afford a conventional abortion.

Where will I find the ingredients to make it and how much will it cost me?

You will find the ingredients to make the  Home Remedy at your local corner food stores and super markets. It is readily available worldwide and will cost you less than $5. I have seen it in some supermarkets for as cheap as $3. 

How safe is it?

It is %100 safer than any abortion pill on the market.
Try the Home Abortion Remedy

Don’t worry about your credit card statement, because no reference is made to the Remedy and no one can know what you bought.

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Way to naturally Abort – Fast and Safe Homemade Abortion Method.

Here’s what a few women had to say after ordering the Home Abortion Remedy.
Hi, I heard about this Remedy  from a girlfriend of mine who had ordered your report. I ordered it and she was right, it worked 100%.  I did not have to sit in a boring waiting room full of strangers. Thanks, Rhonda F. South Carolina, USA.

Hey, thanks for your Home Remedy for abortion. I have experienced with the abortion pill and I can tell you it is expensive if you are on a fixed income or unemployed. Your report is a god sent and it works 100%, you must have done some deep research and I hope women appreciate your hard work.

I was on my 5th week of pregnancy. I also had a very quick recovery. Thanks for the savings and education. Wendy J, Sydney Australia. 

Hi, thank you for making this report available to women. I’ve been in a relationship for 2 years, but not yet ready to mother a child. I’m also in a tight financial situation and I have to say.
I found your website at the right time. Your Remedy works perfectly. Thanks and all the best. Martha W, Toronto Canada.
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Home Abortion at 6-8 weeks.

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I ordered your Home Remedy and it really works . After making the drink and drinking it couple hours after I started spotting blood. 
To make a long story short, 2 weeks after I took a pregnancy test and it showed negative. I will never visit a doctor if I ever get pregnant and pay hundreds of dollars when I can save  time and lots of money with your report that is now in my hands forever.
Conventional abortion cost too much, your  Home Remedy for Abortion will save women thousands of dollars. Thanks for the valuable information, Jenn Smith, New York, USA
Hey, thanks for sharing important information to every woman out there. I ordered your Home Remedy report after visiting your website.
I did make the drink, which took me about a minute and cost less than $ 4, it worked 100%. You made a whole lot of sense since I personally find the abortion pills are too expensive.
I like that the report is straight to the point and in simple English that anyone will understand it in one reading. I wish you all the best, Hanna Carpenter, BC, Canada.

Best type of abortion.

Works 100%.
Hi, I recently ordered your Home Abortion Report and it works great. I was a couple weeks pregnant, now I am no longer pregnant.
 I have full confidence in the remedy and in the future I will use it again if I have to. It is a one time investment and I will save hundreds of dollars in the future. It also worked 100% for a girlfriend of mine, she could not believe it…  Thanks for saving me time and my girlfriend and lots of money combined together.
Sally H, London, England.
Hey, I came across your site while searching for affordable non-surgical abortion. After reading your web page, I decided to order the Home Remedy Abortion Report.
Someone once told me you don’t have to visit a doctor or buy any abortion pills to have an early abortion for there are alternatives, and you hit the nail right on the head. I strongly believe in that old saying, ” there are many ways to skin a cat “. Your report worked 100%. 
Terri N, New Jersey, USA.
Works 100%.

Don’t worry about your credit card statement, because no reference is made to the Remedy and no one can know what you bought.

   Special price of $ 47 USD


Unwanted Pregnancy Solution:

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Are There Any Side Effects From Taking  Home Abortion Remedies?

Yes, there are fewer side effects when you take it. Some possible side effects of this remedy are heavy bleeding, which is quite normal after an abortion, fatigue, uterine cramps and nausea, but again all these side effects are normal after having any type of abortion. 
For that reason, you should always try and have an abortion in the early stage as possible, you will have less side effects and recover much quicker.
That’s the reason why I made a special Note above. There are  also side effects when you take any abortion pill.

How Soon Will I Recover After Taking it?

Most women I contacted told me they completely recovered within a few hours, which is very quick to my knowledge.
One woman told me it took her a few days and another told me it took her almost a week, but both of them told me they were going on their 6-8 th week of pregnancy…
I know the benefits are very important  to every woman; so I have decided to make the Termination of pregnancy Report available to every woman at a special price of $47Usd, but only For A Limited Time!!
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 Unwanted Pregnancy Solution
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Don’t worry about your credit card statement, because no reference is made to the Remedy and no one can know what you bought.

Special price of $ 47 USD

The reasons to get an abortion are different and diverse.

The reasons that can lead to having a home abortion may coincide or be different from the reasons another woman has for abortion.

It is also a reason for social or couple pressure when you think that it is not the right time to take charge of a baby; there are also cases where a teenager becomes pregnant and parents press for an abortion, usually for social reasons; in other cases the woman thinks it is her right to terminate the pregnancy for personal reasons; It also happens that even if they want to have a child, see that their life may be in danger or the fetus has an incurable disease.

The statistics on the reasons that may lead a woman to make the decision to have an abortion, show differences, among the most common reasons can be found:
Important reasons to Abort:

• The problem of being a single mother.

• They think that the time is not right.

• Lack of economic stability to be able to support a child.

• Your children are older.

• Fear of the family or parents because of their pregnancy.

• The couple themselves or the parents are the ones who encourage abortion.

• Personal training, when the pregnancy arrives during the studies or when you are starting your professional life.

• Violation.

• Malformation of the fetus.

• The life of the mother is at risk.

All the above means that the causes can be very diverse, the only thing in common is the decision to have an abortion.

Neither is the socioeconomic situation determinant, because women of all social classes can decide to have an abortion, it does not depend exclusively on their age or the fact of having a stable partner or not, there are cases in which married women also decide to have an abortion because they think they are too mature for such responsibility and obligations that entails.

The decision to Abort.

Another common point of view is that it takes time for them to decide to have an abortion, because religious and moral reasons influence and delay the decision.

Regarding this issue, I personally believe that it is the woman herself who owes and has the right to decide if the time is right and if she is prepared for that responsibility.

Regarding the religious issue, I respect the opinion of the whole world and from my Christian believer´s point of view; After having read a lot on the subject I agree that until the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy does not enter the soul in the fetus, there are even those who are of the opinion that it is not so until the birth itself.


Sometimes parents are not mentally prepared to have a baby or have financial difficulties and that is when some women can be scared and wonder how to have a miscarriage at 6-8 weeks.

Pregnancy in some occasions is a difficult period, but it would also be correct to say that it is also one of the most satisfying and full of joy.

Miscarriages and some complications can even cause depression in women who are excited about having a baby.

No woman wants a miscarriage, but in the case of not being prepared and you see no alternative but a miscarriage, here is something you can do about it.

A natural abortion is what most women prefer.

It is important to know what happens inside the woman’s body after a miscarriage, before knowing how to have a miscarriage.

The reason for miscarriage is variable depending on each woman.

Unwanted Pregnancy Solution.




Many methods to get a Home Abortion can be dangerous for the mother. It is always better to seek professional help to perform a medical abortion.

If this is not possible due to different circumstances, proceed with the utmost caution. There is also the possibility that the abortion does not end successfully even if bleeding occurs.

It is possible to harm the fetus and not to expel all the tissue completely from the body, and may cause more medical problems in the future.

As always, if you feel sick or are worried that you may go wrong with your home abortion, it is best to seek medical attention.

Home Abortion.

An abortion at home is an abortion done by the same pregnant woman or with the help of other non-professional assistance.

Although the term includes induced abortions with medications, it also refers to attempts to terminate pregnancy by alternative methods, which in some circumstances can be dangerous.

These practices can be a threat to the health of women. If the abortion does not result in the end of the pregnancy, it can cause damage to the fetus.

Home abortion is often attempted during the first weeks of pregnancy (during the first eight weeks of pregnancy).

In recent years, reductions in maternal deaths and injuries resulting from home abortions have been important.

Home Abortion Methods. Not recommended.

Women in underdeveloped countries use the following to induce abortion:

    • Lifting heavy objects;
      • Consume lamb’s marrow
      • Dry henna powder;
      • Carrot seed soup;
    • Many methods present a significant danger to a woman’s life or health:
      • physical effort, to cause a spontaneous abortion
      • press your belly against a hard surface, or throw yourself down a flight of stairs
      • Try to remove the embryo with a steel wire rack or similar utensil inserted into the uterus through the cervix
      • Try to pierce the fetus with a knitting needle, crochet hook, hat pin, or similar utensil by inserting it into the uterus and through the cervix
      • Insert a tube, a catheter or a rubber tube into the uterus and try to suck the fetus, blow air into the uterus to try to cause an abortion (this practice is very dangerous)
      • showering with products believed to induce a miscarriage, such as turpentine, bleach, bleach, or substances that can cause significant chemical burns (in the 1960s, many women used Coca-Cola, but its effectiveness is doubtful)
      • yoga
      • Acupuncture at specific points for abortion. Inserting objects into the uterus is one of the most dangerous methods, since pricking can lead to septicemia.  Taking or showering with harmful products can be poisonous. Blowing in the abdomen, either self-inflicted or by another person, can cause organ damage. In addition, less dangerous methods – physical exertion and abdominal massage can cause the fetus to have birth defects.
  • Even so, abortion by abdominal massage is traditionally practiced in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.
Others home abortion methods. Not recommended.

A holistic practice of the most popular in some parts of the world is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is based on the opening of energy in the body that is essentially blocked for different reasons.

The idea is that once the energy is allowed to flow freely, a healing occurs.

A point to take into account acupuncture that sometimes goes unnoticed is that it also helps to eliminate foreign substances from the body.

When the embryo develops in the body, there are hormones whose function is that the fetus is not expelled and the end of pregnancy occurs.

Acupuncture acts against these hormones, causing the body to act to expel the fetus.
Always proceed with caution with any method of abortion in the home that you try to test.

The correct method to get a Home abortion is your decision.

Unwanted Pregnancy Solution


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